Utilising a combined professional experience of nearly 40 years, Linda O’Donnell from Zenith Consulting and Mavis Anagboso from Toju Consulting have created a bespoke toolkit on conscious inclusion in the workplace.

Our toolkit is designed to support leaders and managers in small to medium-size organisations to successfully navigate the current inequalities within the sector and engender a shift in thinking and behaviour. Our toolkit consists of:

A 3-hour workshop which aims to:

  • Understand what diversity and inclusion is
  • The impact of a lack of diversity and inclusion from a talent pipeline perspective
  • Understand the value of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Provide a practical set of solutions to help implement diversity and inclusion practices within your organisation.


A programme of 1-2-1 coaching sessions to develop:

  • Self-awareness
  • The skills to successfully overcome the challenges of creating a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Confidence to create opportunities to address the issues linked to diversity and inclusion directly.

Our toolkit is based on professional sector-specific expertise and evidence-based psychological practice and will equip leaders and managers in developing a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our mission is to help leaders build their confidence and be more intentional about inclusive cultures in the workplace.

Executive Coaching

I provide tailored strategic business advice to high potential individuals and businesses wishing to take their personal/corporate performance to the next level. Leveraging on my extensive career spanning the UK public /private sector and interest in personal wellbeing, I take a holistic approach to coach individuals, ensuring that you achieve transformational change. If you’re highly motivated and desire to shift from your current state, get in touch for a free initial consultation to determine if I’m the right business partner for you.

Diversity Consulting

I advise businesses on effective Diversity & Inclusion strategies. Following extensive qualitative interviews with business leaders and underrepresented groups across various industries, I have developed a unique framework that specifically addresses issues around diversity in the workplace. If you are serious about building a sustainable D&I framework in your organisation, please get in touch to see how we can work together to create lasting change.

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